ProductMixer – Module’s Setup

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Mix Strategy

Update Products Parents Stock

By disabling this option, parents product inventory are not updated when after stock movement. You return to “normal” Dolibarr operating mode.

Automatically move mixed products to a Virtual Warehouse

By enabling this option and choosing a warehouse for virtual products storage, virtual products stocks will be automatically transferred to the virtual warehouse after stock movement.

Create a virtual warehouse?  A virtual warehouse is a normal warehouse but used as virtual. It is created and managed like any other warehouse via Dolibarr’s stocks module . After installing the module, you just have to create a new warehouse and set it as virtual.

Inventory management strategy

According to selected option, if a product quantity in requested stock of is not enough, it is taken in next stock or in the warehouse whose stock is greater. This process can be repeated on all stocks until exhausted. In the event that all stocks are insufficient to meet demand, the stock initially requested that become negative.

In both cases, it is the missing quantities asked in warehouse we take from other warehouses. The requested warehouse will be emptied before taking quantity from another one.

Product Map??

The product map is a detailed list of products or being part of composite products. Now you see which products are in the mixer…
… …