Download our Dolibarr Modules on Dolistore.

Dolibarr-Addict, solutions for Dolibarr, standard or custom.

Our ambition : develop simple and efficient modules to simplify work of addicts Dolibarr.


Automate and save time wherever possible.


ForĀ ERP systems, reliability is not an option.


Maximum options to adapt all situations.


All our modules are tested on the main themes Dolibarr.

Dolibarr Modules

Pourquoi Dolibarr-Addict ?

Dolibarr user for many years, I develop modules for Dolibarr since 2009. Dolibarr changed a lot but not the concept. Gradually, my needs transformed into ideas, then turned into modules. Today, I decided to share with others Dolibarr addicts.

My modules are…

  • Open Source and can be adapted and freely modified.(GNU Licence)
  • Compatible because using maximum of Dolibarr architecture.
  • Paying for valuing time spent on standardization, tests, validation and maintenance.


Download our modules on Dolistore

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